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Sometimes I realize how lucky I am....

.... to have such an understanding husband.

This is what my basement looks like right now. Inbetween projects my studio sometimes spills over into the rest of the house. This is 53 tails, a dragon wing frame, wig, cloth for vikings costumes, 3 cloaks, 2 boxes with partials in them, 1 pair of feetpaws, Toph Bei Fong costume, fabric for 3 dragons, and a bag of yarn for a yarn tail. O_O

Explaining furry

I took part in an interview on a costume forum not related to furry. Since I don't hide the fact I'm a furry they has lots of questions regarding furries. I did my best to explain furry to a community of geeks. Really, when you think about it, cosplayers and furries have a lot in common... but it's hard to break those barriers. Reading over what I explained, I think I did a okay job. I thought I would post what I wrote, maybe it will help you talk furry with the mundane:

Furries get a bad rep thanks to sensationalist media. Articles and TV spots like Vanity Faire, MTV, My Strange Addiction, and Tyra Banks are notorious for making furries look like freaky sexual deviants. There are lots of fandoms and fetishes, but Furries seem to get a special place in the geek hierarchy that lables them as weird perverts – no one asks a Klingon Cosplayer if he goes home at night and does the Klingon mating ritual. It’s possible this is because cute toony animals suggest furries must be pedophiles, or the fact we love animals must also mean we also LOVE animals. Because of the bad relationship furries have with the media we often choose to politely decline when offered the opportunity to talk on TV or for a magazine, but that leads to the challenge of – if you refuse to speak, that must mean you have something to hide. Some furries even go on TV to directly challenge these misconceptions, however TV and magazine editors are very good at asking a question in a certain way or implying things which can suggest something more even when it wasn’t intended.
I’ll see if I can clear the air a little regarding furries and maybe clear up some misconceptions....

-What the heck is a furry?
There is a joke among furries that if you ask 100 different people that question you will get 100 different answers, so I’ll try to be as basic as possible.
Furries are people who have an interest in anthropomorphics. The term Anthropomorphics is defined as attributing human features to something that is not human (this can be as small as giving an animal the power of speech, or as broad as allowing an animal to walk around on 2 legs and wear clothes and live in a house etc). Anthropomorphics is not limited to animals either, ANYTHING that has been given human features can be considered anthropomorphic; so a talking tree or toaster oven would also apply.
Furries often pick a Fursona while participating in the fandom. This is an avatar that they use to represent themselves in the furry fandom. Often at a furry convention people will ask your name, then ask “what are you?” They want to know if you are a panther or a dragon or a mouse or a german shepherd or whatever. Fursonas are highly personalized, they are often chosen based on a person’s favorite animal or combination of animals, some are chosen based on a spiritual connection, and often colors are determined by favorite colors. Me? I’m a green and purple parasaurolophus (it’s a duck billed dinosaur). I chose it because I have always loved paleontology and I love cows, so I picked a prehistoric cow.
We use the term “furry” because most furries choose mammals as their fursonas, however there are lots of scalie and feathered furries as well.
Aside from the Anthropromorphic baseline definition of furries, the term and branch out the a wide variety of interests. Some people are furries because they love furry art, some feel a spiritual connection to a specific animal, some think they are an animal trapped in human skin, some collect stuffed toys and some like to perform (like me) in animal costumes. You certainly don’t have to love ALL of the things to be a furry, but you’re bound to love one thing.

-Do all furries have fursuits?

TV media suggests all furries dress up in animal costumes, this is not true! Most furries do not have fursuits nor are they interested in owning one. Some furries HATE fursuits. The reputation that all furries dress up in furry costumes comes from TV media. Aside from that darn CSI episode, TV media often chooses to show clips of people in costume because it looks better. If a TV crew went to a furry con and filmed all the normal people dressed in regular clothes it would be boring, so they go out of their way to find the costumed people to film. And of course performers in Fursuit LOVE to perform, so we often ham it up around cameras.

-Do you have sex in those animal costumes?

Personally? No. My husband is not a furry, and I’m just not interested.
Wearing a Fursuit is VERY uncomfortable; imagine putting on your couch and walking around. You are covered in fur and padding, sweating buckets, you can’t hear every well, you have periscope vision and little ventilation.... in the mood yet? Not me! Most professional mascots can only perform for 45 minutes to an hour before they need to take a break... and that’s often just some light physical activity.
Also, fursuits are expensive! My prices are in the mid-low range.... a full Fursuit from me STARTS at $1600. Some makers charge $3000-5000 for a Fursuit. Would you want to ruin an investment of that size?
I am sure there are some people who do have sex in animal costumes, but as far as I am concerned, what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. I don’t want to know about it, and for the love of god I don’t want to hear about it.

-So what DO you do in those animal costumes then?
Like cosplayers, most furries who dress up do so at cons. There are lots of cons all over the world where furries can get together and share what they love. We have variety shows, masquerades, dance competitions, and every con I have ever been to has had a parade where all furries with fursuits can parade through the convention space to show off their suits.
I am often blown away with what people do in costume. There are some AMAZING dancers, some furries can play instruments in costume, and there is a furry in Japan who actually has a whole circus act he does in costume.
Outside of cons, some of us volunteer at various events. I am part of a volunteer group called wild rose critters that goes to fun runs, community centers, car shows and other events to entertain kids. We can be more cuddly and less scary than clowns, and we do so for free (which event coordinators love). Sometimes we arrange get-togethers or photo shoots and walk around in public spaces, but this can be iffy depending on where you live as there are laws regarding full face covering masks in some cities.

It can be hard to show our reputation as interesting and creative and fun people when we constantly have to deal with media looking for a dirty secret to sell. Even if we all try to be on our best behaviour, it just takes one person to ruin it for the rest of us. We all have “that guy”.... every fandom has “that guy”. He’s the guy who looks weird and creepy and makes you feel uncomfortable... he’s the guy who will tell you the nastiest stories just to get a reaction... he’s the guy who doesn’t understand social barriers and how to act in public. Every fandom has one, and he’s always the first one to talk on a TV camera or the first one you meet when you discover a new fandom. Lots of times when I mention furry people will make that face and go “Eh... yeah furries.... I met a furry once, he was really weird.” That was the guy T_T If only you had met some normal furries first.... however normal furries look just like normal people, so you probably wouldn’t have even known.
One of the girls in my book club mentioned that my house didn’t look like what she expected. I asked if she was expecting tiger posters all over the wall and stuffed animals on every surface and costumes displayed all over the house and she went “well... yeah”. Sorry, I keep all my furry stuff in my studio, when I shut the door at the end of the day I am just an average seamstress with a lot of sticky rollers to keep the fluff off my clothes ^_^

Furries do some awesome stuff. We’re all pretty creative people and we’re all pretty open minded. Our conventions always have a charity associated with them (some keep the same charity and others change every year). Thousands of dollars are raised for important funds through generosity of furries things like cat shelters, art galleries, animal preservation groups and even local businesses.

Phew! I hope that helped explain some things.

Back from FC - trip summary

Back from FC.... I spent the day doing laundry and getting groceries and all that important mundane stuff one does when they get home from a trip. Hopefully I'll be back to work in my studio tomorrow.... I'm feeling a little PCD though T_T

Here's a rundown of my weekend:

WEDNESDAY - I lucked out and ended up on the same flight at Sati and Sergov We had fun traveling down together and having dinner once we arrived :d
I suited in the evening in an attempt to readjust my internal clock so I wouldn't be going to bed at 9 and getting up at 6. It worked pretty good! I didn't stay up crazy late, but I wasn't up at the crack of dawn either.

THURSDAY - Sati, Sergov and I went to the tech museum for the Star Wars exhibit. The models and costumes were pretty cool, but the Tech museum tried to sneak in learning by using droids to talk about modern day robots or Luke Skywalker's prosthetic hand to talk about prosthetic technology ¬_¬
We spent the extra money to do the Millenium Falcon experience where you get to sit in a Millennium falcon cockpit. We were excited to enjoy a flight through space and to shoot Tie Fighters and twist some knobs and smash buttons only to discover it was a short movie about space. STOP TRYING TO TEACH ME Tech Museum! I just want to pretend to fly the Millennium falcon like any normal nerd.
I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening suiting in Momo. My roomie Pounce arrived and I helped him unload his car. I tried out for the dance comp at the preliminaries, then spent the rest of the night dancing.
Look... there's even a video of me busting a move:

(there are lots of great dancers but you can skip to 2:50 if you just want to watch me)

FRIDAY - I actually didn't suit almost all day O_O I spent the morning spending all my money in the dealers den and checking out the art show. I didn't want to suit and wear myself out in case I actually DID make the cut for the dance competition so I just sort of hung out and people watched. I ended up chatting with sophiemanx for almost 2 hours >_< It was so nice to meet you!
I was told at one point I wasn't in the dance competition so I decided to find some friends and grab dinner. I took a side trip to peek at the list to see who DID make it only to see my name and proceed to freak out D:
I rushed back to my room to grab a light snack and suit up in Momo in time to get to rehearsals before the show.
The Dance competition was super fun. Everyone was so nice. I was pretty intimidated with all the great dancers in the line-up, but seeing everyone else freaking out as much as I did actually helped me feel a little better ^_^
Here's my dance number:

I forgot to pack my top hat so I felt a little silly without one. If I had more time I might have been able to borrow one, but cest la vie.....

SATURDAY - No plans in the morning so I popped on Momo and went to do Tai Chi in the Atrium. I have been coming to FC for years but have never taken part in the Tai Chi lessons. I was glad I finally did, it was lots of fun. I've always wanted to learn Tai Chi.... I can now say I know how to do like.... 3 moves X3
I made a little Knives Chau costume to match with the Scott Pilgrim theme of the con. I was able to walk in the parade with 3 others furs who also dressed up. We had another Knives in a Sex Bob-omb shirt, A Gideon Graves and Todd Ingram. Not a single Scott or Ramona to be found. I was kind of surprised actually.
After the parade I put on my Cats costume and me and my roomie Pounce walked around the con as Growltiger and Griddlebone. I left a trail of feathers wherever I went (sorry cleaning staff!). I only managed about 3 hours catting. My feet were killing me in my new shoes. I de-catted and went the the dessert social (another event I have missed EVERY year). Since I wasn't doing the masq this year I was finally able to attend. I think I ate enough to make up for the previous missed years :I

SUNDAY - Fursuit games! Strangely enough I have never done fursuit games before either... I have always been worried to damage my suit.... but now that I have momo I don't mind rolling around on the floor. I wouldn't really call it "fursuit games" so much as "fursuits fooling around" as we really only managed 3 games. Herding fursuiters is a lot like herding cats (some of them even are cats), we're just too busy being silly to listen and too cute to follow rules. It was a fun time though! I'll definitely try harder to do games in the future.
My roomie Pounce and I went out for Indian food after the games :d a most delicious reward.
I found my hawk partial had sold in the art show (Yay!). I found out later it was won by Frysco (double yay!). I know he will give him a good home :3
I barely got to dance that night as I ended up chatting in the headless lounge with people.

MONDAY - Packing and home. I had a good time, but I was happy to be back in my own bed :3

Cast hands and feet

I have now cast all my limbs :3
The brown-ish grey bits on some of the pieces is mighty putty (a plumbers apoxie putty), there were some small errors on the casts, not enough to make them unusable, but just enough I required to fill in the damaged sections.
Casting my face will require a little bit more help, I'll have to enlist my hubby for the process.


As a pair to my Griddlebone ^_^

I LOVED the jacket in my local production of Cats a few years ago, so I attempted to replicate it. Instead of knitting the jacket, they used scraps of faux fur in various sizes and colors. I chopped up assorted scrap furs in Brown, grey, red, white and black and sewed them together to make a large flat peice of patchwork fur fabric. I then made a jacket pattern from the patchwork sheet I made. The jacket is super cuddly warm, and I lined it with a nice soft satin. My hubby refers to it as my Pimp jacket T_T
The tail is german style, so it's super poofy.

Snow Leopard


Snow Leopard commission.

This lovely lady features leg and chest padding, a removable fluffy collar, wefted hair, interchangable horns and hand sewn spots.

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